Objective: Increase community access to and visibility of Franklin College activities

  • Document and disseminate current service and outreach initiatives
  • Promote the value of a liberal arts education to diverse audiences
  • Inform and engage alumni in promoting Franklin College strengths and accomplishments
  • Create multi-media resources that illustrate the impact of research on quality of life and economic development
  • Promote public lectures, performances, and demonstrations to appropriate community audiences


Objective: Deepen involvement of Franklin College faculty and students in addressing community needs

  • Evaluate formal expectations of faculty for time allocated to service activities
  • 连 faculty members with the community through summer academies and other instructional outreach
  • Establish partnership with Public Service and Outreach to connect faculty with statewide community needs
  • Foster outreach to local public schools


Objective: Expand opportunities and incentives for Service Learning classes and partnerships

  • Reward faculty who engage in service learning, town-gown engagement, and outreach abroad
  • Work with the Office of Service Learning to link faculty and students with interested community organizations
  • Create seed grants for service learning initiatives